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Politics as usual

I didn’t get a chance to watch President Obama’s State of the Union address live last night. As with so much of my news, I read it online. I just read the transcript of the SotU address, and I continue … Continue reading

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Interviewing is like dating

Dating is a necessary evil when trying to find someone you want to be with the rest of your life.  It’s not always awful, sometimes it’s a lot of fun, but mostly it’s stressful and sometimes it’s flat out awful.  … Continue reading

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Wedded bliss

So this happened. I’ve gotten married three times now.  (Third time’s the charm, right?)  It’s  interesting to compare the three events, at different stages of my life.  None of them have worked out the way they were supposed to. This … Continue reading

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Nest isn’t empty yet

My daughter is now 18, and says she’s not a Munchkin anymore.  But, since I only was blessed with the one kiddo, she’s Munchkin forever in my book.  She’s really a great kid, for which I’m grateful.  I don’t know … Continue reading

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Good enough

I finished the last assignment for my last course of the summer semester in my graduate program.  I struggled with letting it go and calling it done, because I knew I could have done better.  I’d met most of the … Continue reading

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Wait, I’m an adult?

I’ll be 46 this year. I have to pause to let that sink in. I don’t feel that old.  I wonder sometimes how many other people feel like they are perpetually 17.  You remember, that time when you weren’t really … Continue reading

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