Reset again



Some days you wake up, and something that has been wrong for a very long time – but you’ve grown accustomed to it – smacks you in the face.  That happened to me yesterday.

The last couple of weeks have been crazy with the new job offer, coordinating continuing to work at my current place contract/part time, and everything that goes with life changes.  My weight has maintained, which is good because I had completely gone off the wagon where my diet was concerned.  But I did start exercising just a bit – crunches, and some arm work.

Part of the gearing up for the new job was ordering some new scrubs (in a color other than white/teal!!!) and that requires breaking out the ol’ measuring tape.  Oh, Em, Gee.  I knew my measurements, I entered them into WW Online earlier this year.  But for some reason my brain glossed over it before, and it snapped into clarity this time.  I have a good FOOT to lose around my hips.

I’ve always been “hippy” and not in the tree-hugging sense.  Well, OK, that too, but that’s not the point here.  I will never look like a runway model, because my DNA gave me HIPS. When I was at my fighting weight, I had a SIXTEEN inch difference between my waist and hips.  Makes finding pants hell no matter my size.  But right now, my hips are ridiculous.  They’re as big around as many grown women are tall.  OK, really *short* women, but still.

It also occurred to me that we’re already 2 months into the year.  I had promised myself I was going to get 100 lbs off by my birthday (end of October) or I was going to schedule weight loss surgery.  I haven’t made any significant loss since mid-January.

That was a slap in the face.  I really don’t want surgery.

So here we are, yet again with another “I’m going to do better” post.  Seems like I’ve been here before – repeatedly.

So how do I move from making promises to myself to keeping them?  Well, what I’ve tried so far doesn’t work.  So a friend suggested that we revive something we did several years ago, which is to create an online group where we have accountability to ourselves and each other in the form of points we earn for following our self-care plan which includes healthy eating and exercise.  The points are part of a non-food reward system, and we have to also report what we do with our point rewards.  A little competition, and a lot of mutual support.  I’ve decided to do this.

I also went yesterday at lunch to the grocery store and stocked my desk at work back up on shelf-stable healthier foods so I don’t have the temptation to go out for fast food when I forget or don’t have time to pack a lunch.  Cooking at home is progressing, though slowly.  I’m finding that my cooking skills have really suffered over the last decade, and much of what I have cooked isn’t really very good so the leftovers go to waste.  It will improve with practice.

Will it work this time?  We’ll see.  It would be nice to start checking in on Fridays with real progress instead of a bunch of excuses and starting overs.

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2 Responses to Reset again

  1. Nikki says:

    Sticking with things is always the hardest part. I have faith in you!

  2. theantichick says:

    Thanks! I actually managed to stay within my points at NTIF today. Not saying I ate the healthiest things, but just by being a little aware and choosing my splurges, I did ok. Plus I walked for freakin’ ever!! I am determined to do this.

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