Holding Steady



So I lost the 3 lbs that I gained after being sick, so that’s a plus. Right now I’m 4 lbs above my lowest weight from 2012, and 18 lbs below my highest weight ever. In looking back over my weight charts for the last year, I’ve mostly been playing around in the same 5-8 lbs, up and down, back and forth. It’s a little depressing, but I am choosing to see it as holding my ground instead of as a failure. There are times when just not gaining weight is enough.

This week has been a real challenge because I had an EEG Monday which threw me into a migraine that lasted until Tuesday around noon with what I call a “migraine hangover” that lasted through most of Wednesday. That starts my week off badly, and I have zero interest in tracking or exercising, or for the most part making good food choices when I’m feeling bad. I did try and make decent choices, given that there was no cooking happening in my house this week.

I am setting myself the following challenges for this week and will report back next week to see how I did.

  • prepare my breakfast and lunch the night before for all weekdays
  • plan and execute real cooking every weekday
  • exercise at least 15 minutes every day
  • track every day

This means that there won’t be any fast food next week, and I am hoping to drop at least 5 lbs next week as a result so I can feel like at least I’m starting off the year better than I was at any point last year.

And on the health front – all of my tests have come back fine. There is no reason to believe I have anything going on except a change in my migraine pattern. The neurologist has suggested a few changes in my medications and I have an appointment to see my primary doc Feb 4 to make those changes. I’m hoping this gives me better control over my migraines. I’ve only had two this month, so we’ve gotten the frequency down. But with the blurred vision, we need to get me a better abortive agent. I’m hoping this is yet another health condition that will improve with weight loss.

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