I don’t wanna talk about it



Most people get the GI viral crud and lose weight.  Nope, not me.  It’s been a lousy week, and I gained 3 lbs.  It’s all on me… I didn’t feel like any exercise, I ate whatever felt good, and didn’t even bother tracking.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my biggest food issues lately as I try to put together a workable eating plan for myself.  I’m convinced that the single biggest issue I have is drive-thru food.  It’s not even *good* food.  Some would argue that it’s not food at all.  There are even health(ier) options at drive-thrus, but that’s not what I end up ordering.  I’ll get in my car telling myself I’ll get the grilled chicken sandwich and the fruit cup, but when the speaker comes on, that’s not what I order.  I’m coming to realize at this point that I simply can’t be trusted to choose the right foods at a drive-thru and shouldn’t even be there.  Alcoholic in a bar, yanno?

The next biggest problems are stress/comfort eating.  While I do some celebratory eating, it’s usually just a splurge meal and not a full-on binge.  Stress/comfort eating quickly turns into a binge because the food can’t actually relieve whatever distress I’m in.  Even trying to stick to “healthy” foods when I’m stress eating doesn’t work, because when it doesn’t fill the need I start scrambling for NOT healthy food.  This one’s harder to figure out what to do with.

Of course, none of this is really new.  I’ve always identified fast food and stress/comfort eating as my biggest eating problems.  The question is, will this be the time it sticks?  We’ll see.

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