Weight update



Since I had other things to expound on Friday, I failed to do a weight update to start the year, so here goes.

I haven’t made as much progress as I want, BUT I made it through the holidays and am still 20 lbs less than my top weight.

I try not to do the whole “New Years Resolutions” but I can’t help but feel that a new year is a fresh start.  I haven’t been perfect even though it’s only day 6 (happy Epiphany/12th Night, folks) but I’ve been doing better.  My weight watchers week starts on Friday (hence the Friday updates) and for the last two years I start every Friday promising myself to track my foods and stay on my WW plan.  I rarely get more than Friday breakfast and lunch tracked, and even when I manage to track Saturday breakfast, it all falls apart then.  So I’m happy to say I’ve tracked 2 full days (Friday & Saturday) and have tracked today so far.  (NSV#1 *)

I also actually worked out for a few minutes yesterday.  Not enough to gain any WW points, but enough to start a momentum.  (NSV#2)

I also managed to talk myself into staying in for dinner last night and eating health(ier) stuff instead of driving out to Taco Bueno for a binge fest.  (NSV#3)  As a result, I didn’t even eat all of my planned dinner, instead I recognized I was full and stopped.  (NSV#4)  Unless you fight overeating, you don’t realize how big a “win” that was.

I also finally remembered to take measurements and put them in my WW tracker.  So I’ll be able to start reporting inches lost as well as pounds.  (NSV#5)

Part of success is stringing one “win” to another, and trying to keep it up.  I know that I’m human, so I’ll “break the chain” at some point, but it really does feel good to have a few “wins” and feel better about racking up more than I do about eating junk.  I’ll keep reporting back how things go.

* NSV is a WW term for “non-scale victory”

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